This project was created for Leeds Arts University as part of my course. The extended moment is a module where we have to create a short film of up to 3 minutes, about any topic or any issue, while documenting and sharing the whole visual process. I decided to look at myself more personally and I wanted to take different ideas along the way. I focused on living in the mundane and the ordinary, as well as focusing on recording the environment, the urban, and the natural landscape. The reason why I picked this topic to create a short film was because I was very interested in experimenting and exploring landscapes, the formation of nature, and how our urban-ran societies function and run hand in hand with nature. I was in charge of all aspects - I handled all sound design and editing as well.
I was quite interested in the term Marc Auge, a French anthropologist coined in particular – what we called public places such as airports, shopping centers, and train stations, Marc Auge referred to them as non-places. These referred to spaces where concerns of relations, history, and identity are erased. Marc Auge, who I’d discovered while doing research for this project also wrote a small introduction to super modernity and also the concept of what a non-place is and how it is integrated into today’s world, where there is starting to grow a larger proportion of digital natives. I found his work quite peculiar, and there were moments in my daily life where his ideas caught me thinking differently, with Auge’s explanation of a place and a nonplace; with a place offering people a space that provides their identity and share that with social references versus a place with no common references to one’s identity or a group, or known as a non-place.

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