Julian Tong is a half Hong Kong Taiwanese photographer who captures and creates commercial work in various genres. Born in Hong Kong in 2002, due to his mother's nationality he would live in between Hong Kong and Taipei. he was influenced by living in two different places and struggled to identify himself sometimes. It affected how he responded and engaged with the world. 
He always had a profound admiration for the arts - as a child, his parents would take him to the local art centre, where he would spend a couple of hours drawing, making sketches and playing with paint. He didn't develop an academic interest in the arts until Secondary School - where his Visual Art studies allowed him to explore making visual artwork. He constructed several paintings on various mediums which explored inequality and identity through the use of the urban landscape. During a school recital, julian purchased his first camera in 2017 and began shooting for his School's media team, photographing live events and new experiences that he would experience in his life.
 After his high school graduation, Julian moved to Leeds to study for a Bachelor's in Photography at Leeds Arts University. Here, he refined his photographic skills; spending most of his days in the studio, developing professional working practices.
The kind of work that he engages with is often in the forms of advertisements, fashion magazines, editorials and other commercial mediums. His inspirations include fashion photographers such as Philip DiCorcia, Julia Fullerton Batten, Bruce Weber and Bruce Gilden. He also finds interest in the topographical works of Edward Burtynsky and Andreas Gursky.

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