​​​​​​​As a child, I would play traditional Chinese games from my grandad’s bedside table. I would scream and shout while Grandma made a delicious tray of barbeque pork, veggies, and white rice for supper. Sometimes, I am engulfed by the complexities an adult faces and I honestly think it’s daunting thinking about that. I can’t remember the time I last had this many responsibilities, people to attend to, and staying good to my word every time.  Let me take you back to the days when I was at my grandparents' house. I think a place that loves you back, should equally require much of your own personal affection too.
This work was published and presented at the North Light Arts Centre, as well as individual prints and work sold at the Leeds Arts University market. 
Please email any inquiries to juliantng27@gmail.com

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