From a greener place and a lawless past was created in May 2024 by julian tong and frank o. 
FOLLOWING MY DEVELOPMENT AT UNIVERSITY, I photograph the fashion style “Gorpcore” over a variety of different scenes and locations which represent the values of the fashion subculture. 
Using new and archived imagery from my previous projects I USE PROJECTIONS, STUDIO AND OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY TO construct a sequence of imagery that engages with the environment, focusing on THE THEMES OF Identity and Place.
because of the way fashion engages with the environment, I also think that there is some sort of connection between location (where I’m shooting and how that space is interpreted), the person (who the subject of the image is) and finally apparel (how was the garment conceived and what was its purpose?). I think these three aspects allowed me to continue my thoughts on how spaces are made and designed, as well as how we continue to influence the landscape.​​​​​​​
(images are compressed for copyright reasons)

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